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Track down the majestic Hangul, or take pictures of other animals in the Kashmir Valley. Then sell your photos to Magazines, Newspapers and Book Publishers, or keep them to yourself - if you can afford it.

With only 20 exposures left of your last color film, you got to think carefully how to spend it. Do you push your luck to squeeze in just one more shot, or do you play it safe? Do you chase down the elusive stag at all cost, or will you adapt to win?

Whatever you do, keep moving - or risk getting lost with no wildlife in sight!

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Key Features

Action Curbing

A new Action Mechanic where you pass the spent Action Token to the next player.

Moving Animals

The animals move around, and are scared away if you make too much noise or any sudden moves.

Modular Board

The movement of the animals is reflected by the board itself moving at least once before your turn.

Evolving Market

What photos you can sell depend on available contracts and the needs of the publisher.

Game Set-Up

I made a video showing how to set-up the game. Keep in mind:

Preparing the weather event deck is a strategic process only done in a solo game. It is a step that should not be rushed—which is why it doesn't make sense to time it.

Let me know what you think!

In the Box

The game has environmentally friendly packaging. The pieces and dice are made of nice wood, and a card insert.

On the Box

The box art is done. It will cover the green parts of the lid. The size of the box is 140 w × 270 h × 65 mm deep.

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